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Actolind ® w Solution is a cleaning, rinsing, moisturizing and care solution used together with materials such as bandages, dressings, wound dressings and wound fillers on acute, chronic and infected wounds, as well as first and second degree burns. It is also suitable for antiseptic cleaning, soaking and removal of dressings that have dried and adhered to the wound without causing secondary trauma.

Actolind ® w Solution cleans wounds mechanically. Thanks to its unique combination of ingredients, Actolind ® w Solution ensures a positive cleaning and moisturizing effect on fabric surfaces. Surfactants in such a composition provide convenient and painless cleaning needed prior to wound care by reducing surface tension. Actolind ® w Solution contributes to wound healing by ensuring a very positive cleansing and moisturizing effect on the areas applied.

Actolind ® w Solution simultaneously protects against multi-resistant (e.g. MRSA, VRE) and mycotic pathogens and is also well tolerated by allergy sufferers and diabetics.

This product is a Class III medical device according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC with the amendments 2007/47/EC.


Water, poloxamer, polyhexanide (0.1%).

Chemical components of Actolind ® Solution : % 0.1 polyhexanide (PHMB), poloxamer and excipients

Purpose of use

Cleansing and moisturizing
As long as there are no systemic diseases, wounds usually heal on their own provided they are kept clean and moist. However, contact with air, but also contamination and drying out of the wound, leads to the growth of various microorganisms. Actolind ® Solution cleans and moisturizes the wound, creating a protective film layer that isolates the wound surface from the external environment. The space between the wound surface and the wound compress is filled with Actolind ® Solution and helps faster wound healing by stabilizing the wound. In addition, Actolind ® Solution prevents the dressing material from adhering to the wound and the exclusion of air prevents the growth of microorganisms.

Wound deposits consist of cell and tissue debris, necrotic tissue, but also wound exudates and other components that promote the formation of biofilms. Actolind W Solution is used to rinse the wound in order to remove these components that prevent the wound from healing.

Use when changing dressings
Medical devices such as bandages, gauzes, absorbent materials, compresses, etc. may adhere to the wound and cause secondary wounds after infection. Before the dressings and bandages are changed, they should be soaked with Actolind ® Solution . Due to the moisturizing and cleaning agents in the product composition, the bandage is removed from the wound without causing tissue irritation or damage.

application areas

  • Actolind® is used to wash and rinse the wound before applying a bandage.
    Actolind® is suitable for washing and moistening the wound with a bandage.
    Actolind® is used to moisten and decontaminate dressings, gauzes and compresses that have dried and adhere to the wound.
    Actolind® makes it easy to change the dressing material without reopening the wound and prolonging the healing process.

Actolind® is suitable for the following wound types:
• Acute wounds (traumatic wounds resulting from cuts, blisters, abrasions, contusions, bites and puncture wounds or from surgical wounds)
• Chronic wounds (diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, etc.)
• Thermal or chemical burns and injuries (1st and 2nd degree burns, chemical burns, etc.)
• Wounds caused by electrical current
• Wounds caused by radiation
• Urological catheter entry points

Actolind ® w Solution should be used to clean the wound surface and rinse before each treatment. Actolind ® w Solution can be used in combination with Actolind ® w Gel . Before using Actolind ® w Gel , the wound should be cleaned with Actolind ® w Solution to remove impurities and debris. For healthy wound healing, wound cleaning and care should be carried out at regular intervals.

Actolind ® w Solution can also be used for antiseptic cleaning and softening of dried, crusted, wound-adhering, difficult-to-remove dressing materials. Actolind ® w Solution softens the crusted dressings and bandages, eliminates the pathogenic microorganisms that have settled on them and prevents the wound from becoming infected. The antimicrobial effect of Actolind ® w Solution offers an ideal solution to prevent the formation of biofilms on bandages and dressings.

Actolind ® w Solution does not inhibit granulation or epithelialization. It shows no irritating nor painful properties, does not cause sensitization and can be used safely for a long time.


Actolind® w Solution can be used directly on wounds as well as on bandages and gauzes. Materials such as bandages, gauzes, wipes, etc. should not be reused. Actolind® w Gel can be warmed to body temperature before use.

The entire wound and its surroundings should be thoroughly cleaned with Actolind® w Solution to minimize the risk of transfer of contaminants and microorganisms to the wound surface. For optimal wound cleaning, it is recommended to moisten the wound with deep and intensely necrotic tissue for at least 10-15 minutes using a completely moistened compress (use of wet bandages). The application can be repeated depending on the wound conditions without any time restrictions. Do not dilute the solution! The cleaned wound can be covered with Actolind® w Gel and bandaged properly.

Thoroughly moisten dressings and bandages that adhere to the wound surface with Actolind ® w Gel , allow to soak for approx. 5-10 minutes and then carefully remove from the wound. Wetting the dressing materials with Actolind ® w Gel prevents them from sticking to the wound surface and makes changing the dressing much easier. To maintain a moist wound environment, the dressing can be changed daily, or even several times a day if necessary. Actolind ® w Gel is compatible with all modern wound dressings.

Possible infections can be avoided by regularly cleaning the catheter entry ports, the flexible connections and the surrounding area with Actolind ® w Gel . Spray the area with Actolind ® w Gel from a short distance and wait about 1-5 minutes. The ingredients of Actolind ® w Gel are particularly compatible with mucous membranes and clean catheter and PEG material without damaging it. As with wound care, encrusted adhesive plasters can be easily removed after briefly wetting them with Actolind ® w Gel .

Actolind® w Solution should not be used in the following cases:

  1. It is not suitable for use on hyaline cartilage and after aseptic joint surgery, in the middle and inner ear and on the eye,
  2. If the patient is known to be hypersensitive to any of the ingredients,
  3. At the central nervous system or meninx,
  4. Together with anionic surfactants, cleansing soaps, creams, oils, enzymes, etc. These substances should be completely removed from the wound surface before use,
  5. For peritoneal lavages and washings.


Unit Quantity in box Article no. PZN Packaging form
5ml 100 x 5ml Monodose 16684727 06.6703.05
10ml 50 x 5ml Monodose
50ml 200 Bottle with spray cap 10985385 06.6703.50
100ml 100 Bottle with spray cap 10985391 06.6703.100
250ml 40 Bottle with spray cap 10985416 06.6703.250
350ml 40 Bottle 16684733 06.6703.350
500ml 20 Bottle 10985422 06.6703.500
1 L 10 Bottle 10985439 06.6703.1

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