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Actodiacit ® specializes in efficient, thermochemical disinfection in hemodialysis machines. The product offers cleaning, disinfection and descaling (removal of calcium carbonate) in one application step. In contrast to other strongly oxidizing disinfectants, citric acid-based recipes offer excellent material compatibility. It is user-friendly and decomposes natural substances. When using Actodiacit ® in hemodialysis machines, the device manufacturer's instructions for use at elevated temperatures must be followed.

Chemical composition

100 g contains: 22.5 g citric acid, lactic acid, hydroxysuccinic acid and excipients.

Microbiological activity

Microbiological activity Test method concentration Effective time in:
Bactericidal (Including MRSA, VRE) EN 13727 / EN 14561 % 1 10 minutes
Yeasticide (C. albicans) EN 13624 EN 14562 % 1 10 minutes
Virucide(parvovirus) EN 14476 %5 10 minutes

Instructions for use

Recommended usage concentration is 4% (40 ml concentrate to 1 L water). The information provided by the manufacturer of the dialysis machine is decisive for handling, dosage and exposure time.

Recommended application temperature: Please follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions.

Always read the instructions for use and safety data sheet before use.

Since bacterial growth can begin again 48 hours after disinfection, the hemodialysis machine must be disinfected again if it is left unused for longer than 48 hours after disinfection.

Material compatibility
Actodiacit ® is suitable for all types of hemodialysis machines.

application areas
Actodiacit ® is suitable for thermochemical disinfection and descaling for volumetric mixing systems and hemodialysis machines. Actodiacit ® has a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect above 56°C and decomposes calcium carbonate and blood at 37°C.


Unit Quantity in box Article no.
5L 3 01.3702.5

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